Gino Angelini

The square, the church, and the Osteria. In the past, those were the meeting places of Italian people, in small towns and in the cities' suburbs. Places where the rich and the poor used to sit close, where the cultured and the uninstructed could find a way to communicate - in the Osteria - around a table, with a pack of playing cards and a carafe of wine.

 Gino Angelini was born in 1953 in San Clemente, slightly inland from the seaside city of Rimini in Italy’s richest food region, Emilia Romagna.  He has devoted his life to food and its preparation from the age of 14.

 In 1995, Chef Angelini came to the United States as chef of Rex, il Ristorante in Los Angeles. Following his decision to stay in Los Angeles, Angelini opened his own restaurant, Angelini Osteria.  Since opening in October 2001, the Osteria has become one of LA’s most celebrated restaurants.

Numerous honors have been awarded to Angelini for his significant work in the culinary arts around the world including the 2007 Artusi Award, the 2011 Gavanina Trophy for Best Chef of the Year, and the 2011 Sigismondo Malatesta d'Oro, Rimini's highest civilian award.

 Gino’s kitchen philosophy is simple and authentic, focused on the products and the region; a kitchen that renews itself without losing sight of the true Italian tradition.